Preparing and Filing


Our process for preparing and filing a patent application includes:

  1. Free assessment

We will provide a free assessment on your invention idea and tell you whether we think this invention could be patentable and whether we think you should be patenting this invention in the given jurisdictions.

To facilitate the assessment, we may need you to provide a written disclosure of your idea and/or schedule a video conference call with us for discussion.

2. Fee estimation

Given your preferences of how you would like your patent application to be filed, we will send you a fee estimation for preparing and filing the patent application. Factors that may effect the estimated fees include:

a. whether any prior patent application has been filed based on this invention before;

b. to what extent you would like the new application to be derived from any prior application;

c. whether you would like any patent search to be conducted before the new application is prepared.

3. Preparing a first draft, amendments and filing

If and after we reach an agreement on the fee estimation with you, we will start to prepare a first draft of specification and drawings of the patent application, and send the first draft to you for comments after it is completed. According to your comments, we may make amendments to the draft, followed by finalizing the draft and filing the finalized application upon your final confirmation.

Required Documents:

  1. Invention disclosure
  2. Information of prior patent application(s) of which the new application will claim priority
  3. Information of the inventors(s) and the applicant(s)
  4. Documents signed by the inventors(s)/applicant(s) (which, depending on the jurisdiction in which the new application is to be filed, may include Power of Attorney, Declaration, Assignment and etc.)


Free assessment: 3-5 working days

Preparing a first draft: 5-15 working days

Making amendments: 3-10 working days

Filing to the Patent Office: 3-5 working days